144 Cell Seedling Propagation Tray

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  • Large plant tray with 144 cells for propagating seedlings.
  • The cells are the ideal size for vegetable plug plants.
  • These trays are available singly or in packs or 3 click Amount below to choose.
  • Dimensions: 54cm long x 32cm wide x 5cm deep
€3.95 - €10.95
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    144 Cell Seedling Propagation Tray

    Decent quality tray which will last a few years with proper care. Nice plug size. Cell shape will help prevent plugs getting root bound. Unfortunately the hole in the end of each plug is abit small and a push out plate is unavailable for this tray, as far as I know? Good value for money. We will see how they perform over the season. www.facebook.com/marketgnomes